Strategic Facilitation

Strategic Facilitation

Strategic Facilitation has been called the key to unlocking the gold mine of wisdom and knowledge that is buried in the heads, hearts, and guts of your people.  A well designed and professionally facilitated meeting will benefit your organization in many ways – from improving collaboration and building consensus, to engaging others in the change process and aligning your organization for greater success!  However, we take the added step of executing the facilitation process through the lens of modern neuroscience.  Thus, we bring in the human side by creating the  "space" or environment to encourage high-levels of engagement, emotional safety, trust and collaboration in the communication process.

How can we best support your teams success?

We have facilitated 100's of strategic meetings, focus sessions and corporate/team retreats that have produced clearly aligned outcomes and decisions, elicited the engaged participation of all attendees and most importantly, allow for the rapport building so essentially necessary to improve the interpersonal relationships of all team members involved.

Below are typical areas of focus for our clients:

  • Developing your team or organizational strategy
  • Engaging your team in strategic thinking to solve a challenge problem
  • Launching a tough or complex project
  • Defining or refocusing your team's strategic vision
  • Fostering a climate of trust and collaboration within your team