Speaking & Strategic Facilitation

The Key to Unlocking Wisdom and Knowledge

Optimize Human Performance

Explore and integrate science-based strategies and practices for building Emotional & Mental Resilience, accessing more States of FLOW, achieving Body-Mind Optimization, and making
Wellness & Self-Care an absolute lifestyle priority


Upgrade Human Interactions

Explore and integrate science-based strategies and practices for cultivatingTrust, Inclusion & Psychological Safety, ignitingHigh-Performance in Teams, and achieving radical culture shifts throughAuthentic, Mindful & Compassionate Leadership.


Expand Human Consciousness

Explore and integrate science-based strategies and practices for discovering and aligning with Purpose & Personal Vision, improving Somatic & Nutritional Health, and creating practical rituals while on the journey towards becomingHuman 2.0!

Supercharge, Refocus & Inspire Change

Paul McFadden has spoken or presented at dozens of international conferences, universities and corporate events that have generated high levels of participant interest, elicited engaged participation and most importantly, allowed for the exchange of knowledge, skills and strategies necessary to produce the desired outcome: increased awareness combined with opportunities that allow the participants to digest and begin to practically implement what they have learned.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

~ Socrates

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Creating Collective Awareness & Inspiring Transformational Change

Keynotes, Paneles & Presentations

Ignite your next conference, symposium, or annual meeting with a subject matter panel expert or a tailored keynote/plenary presentation that will both inspire and move you!

While we customize our topics to fit the theme of the event, below are a few typical topics often requested by our clients:

1. From Burnout to Peak Performance: Science-Based Strategies for Building a Resilient Workforce

2. Connection & Influence: The Science of Creating Trust and Engaging Others

3. The Bias Paradox: Science-Based Strategies for Eradicating Bias in the Workplace

4. Team FLOW: The Neurochemistry of High-Performing Teams

5. Human 2.0: Mastering the 7 Domains for Accelerating Impact while Creating More Balance

Strategic Facilitation & Offsite Retreats

Strategic Facilitation has been called the key to unlocking the gold mine of wisdom and knowledge that is buried in the heads, hearts, and guts of your people. A well designed and professionally facilitated meeting will benefit your organization in many ways – from improving collaboration and building consensus, to engaging others in the change process and aligning your organization for greater success! However, we take the added step of executing the facilitation process through the lens of modern neuroscience. Thus, we bring in the human side of the conversation by creating the "space" or environment which encourage high-levels of psychological safety, trust, engagement, creativity and collaboration in the communication process.

Below are typical areas of focus for our clients:

1. Developing your team or organizational strategy

2. Engaging your team in strategic thinking to solve a challenge problem

3. Launching a tough or complex project

4. Defining or refocusing your team's strategic vision

5. Fostering a climate of trust and collaboration within your team.

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