The Integrative NeuroSomatic® Human Optimization Blueprint is a holistic, science-based, multi-discipline, self-discovery framework that explores seven (7) uniquely identified human domains or intelligences which, when collectively mastered:

  1. Explores the Self, Consciousness & Personal Vision
  2. Improves Emotional & Mental Balance
  3. Shifts MIndset & Improves Mitochandrial Performance
  4. Accelerates Body-Mind Attunement
  5. Revitalizes the Gut-Biome & Immune Functioning
  6. Upgrades Interpersonal Relationships
  7. Awakens one to our Universal Interconnectivity

Ultimately, through the development and integration of practical, daily rituals which facilitate mastery in each of these seven (7) domains, we accelerate the self-discovery journey and move towards becoming the best version of ourselves - i.e. Human 2.0!.

Take a moment to explore these seven (7) domains below:

Integrative NeuroSomatic® Self-Mastery Blueprint

Intrapersonal Mastery

Human By Design!

Intrapersonal Mastery involves a deep journey within, contemplating the meaning of self, purpose, the mind and our relationship to consciousness; having or developing awareness of ones personal values, strengths, weaknesses, passions, and inner wisdom to navigate the human experience in accordance with and intentionally aligned to our spiritual, biophysiological and personal blueprint.
Intrapersonal Mastery

Emotional Mastery

Regulate and Elevate!

Emotional Mastery is the ability, capacity, or skill to perceive, assess, understand and manage the response to the emotions, feelings and moods within oneself as well as honing the ability to perceive, understand and manage the impacts of emotions within others.

Attention Mastery

Awaken the Quantum Mind!

Attention Mastery involves the act or faculty of conscious observation, especially by directing the mind or ones awareness to a single object, thought, process, belief system, or mindset; with the intention of expanding ones capacity to maintain or sustain a mindset and the additional practices necessary to access and activate states of flow and optimal cognitive performance.

Somatic Mastery

Designed to Move!

Somatic Mastery involves the understanding of the physical body of an individual as contrasted with or distinguished from the soul, mind, or psyche; corporeal. This intelligence integrates the science of functional movement and optimal mitochondrial functioning with human genomics and ancient wisdom.

Nutritional Mastery

Reset, Repair and Revitalize!

Nutritional Mastery entails understanding the process by which living organisms obtain food and use it for nourishment, growth, metabolism, and repair. However, proper nutrition does not only center on food and nourishment. In order to maintain functional nutritional health, there should be an integration of dietary guidelines, environmental factors, food composition, and the roles that various nutrients have in maintaining health with the science of Nutrigenomics or the study of how the genome and diet interact to influence human health and disease.

Interpersonal Mastery

Connect, Cultivate and Grow!

Interpersonal Mastery is the cultivation or nourishment of a new or existing connection between individuals. This connection may be related to communications, simple interpersonal interactions, or ultimately the personal, professional, or intimate relationships that exist between people. With trust being foundational to all interpersonal relationships, it is important to understand the neurobiology of what drives human behavior when it comes to honing one's ability to more effectively relate to and connect with others.

Universal Mastery

Awakening to Unity Resonance!

Universal Mastery is experiencing this life's existence through the lens of the unified field (quantum science) or unity consciousness (ancient wisdom). In a practical sense, it is the state of being united, interconnected or combined into one, as of the parts of a whole, number of persons; community, society, harmony, character, feeling, or oneness of body-mind-spirit.

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