“When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from those who have never left home.”

~ Rumi

Our Story

Founded in 2011, Zero Point Leadership, Inc. is a global, science-based leadership and human development firm with foundations in neuroscience, mindfulness, resilience, quantum theory, peak performance and body-mind research. A recognized leader in the fields of Leadership Development and Human Optimization, we provide customized, cutting-edge science-based strategies as well as personal, leadership & workforce development solutions tailored for all levels of "human systems" - individual, team, leadership, and organizational.

An Integrative NeuroSomatic® approach to human development

Decades of research from the fields of contemporary neuroscience and neurocardiology inform us that our individual and collective emotions, thoughts and beliefs directly shape the world we live in. We believe we can change the world by changing our emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Through the integration of cutting-edge research in neuroscience, modern physics, heart intelligence, body-mind and functional medicine as well as somatic sciences with innovations in personal, leadership and workforce development approaches, strategies and best-practices; we help individuals, teams and organizations transcend the "status quo", ushering in a new leadership paradigm that is creating a more "brain-friendly", high-performance workplace culture and most importantly - redefining what it means to be human in a changing world.

Integrative NeuroSomatic®
Self-Mastery Blueprint

Where hard science meets ancient wisdom

The Integrative NeuroSomatic® Self-Mastery Blueprint is a holistic, science-based, roadmap that accelerates an individual’s ability to consciously integrate key, proven practices essential for optimizing their performance levels in seven uniquely identified human domains; becoming better versions of themselves and gaining access greater balance, focus and flow without compromising impact, authenticity & time in the process. These seven (7) human domains or pillars, which when collectively mastered:

  1. Expand ones understanding and knowledge of Self, Individual Purpose & Personal Vision
  2. Improves Emotional Awareness & Mental Balance
  3. Expands Mindset and Unlocks Access to Greater Flow and Cognitive Performance
  4. Re-established the Mind-Body Connection
  5. Revitalizes the Gut-Brain Access for Optimal Performance
  6. Cultivates SECURE Interpersonal Relationships
  7. Awakens one to our Universal & Collective Interconnectedness

Sixth Century B.C. philosopher and writer, Lao Tzu once said, "Knowing others is Intelligence; Knowing yourself is true Wisdom. Mastering others is Strength; Mastering yourself is true Power."

Are you ready to embark on your personal quest for attaining practical enlightenment?

Integrative NeuroSomatic® Self-Mastery Blueprint

Meet our CEO

Paul McFadden

Paul McFadden is a former IT executive and veteran of the USNR/MMR, now an accomplished, sought-after executive, team coach, body-mind practitioner, leadership strategist, trusted advisor, and keynote speaker with an extensive background in change/conflict management, people management, talent acceleration, leadership/team development, human optimization and lifestyle/culture transformation. He has been recognized as being an exemplary leader demonstrating excellence for over 30 years in the private, public and philanthropic sectors.

An expert in the fields of NeuroLeadership, NeuroSomatics, Resilience and Human Performance, Paul co-created the Integrative NeuroSomatic® Self-Mastery Blueprint ; inspiring leaders to align with their passion, disrupt limiting patterns, and develop the intentional practices or rituals essential for becoming the very best versions of themselves.

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