Who We Are

Integrating Science & Ancient Wisdom to Evolve the Human Experience

Optimize Human Performance

Explore and integrate science-based strategies and practices for building Emotional & Mental Resilience, accessing more States of FLOW, achieving Body-Mind Optimization, and making
Wellness & Self-Care an absolute lifestyle priority


Upgrade Human Interactions

Explore and integrate science-based strategies and practices for cultivatingTrust, Inclusion & Psychological Safety, ignitingHigh-Performance in Teams, and achieving radical culture shifts throughAuthentic, Mindful & Compassionate Leadership.


Expand Human Consciousness

Explore and integrate science-based strategies and practices for discovering and aligning with Purpose & Personal Vision, improving Somatic & Nutritional Health, and creating practical rituals while on the journey towards becomingHuman 2.0!


"The collective awakening of a new paradigm which

expands consciousness and upgrades the human experience."

The Beginning

Founded in 2011, Zero Point Leadership, Inc. is a global, minority-owned, science-based leadership and human development firm with foundations in neuroscience, mindfulness, resilience, quantum theory, peak performance and body-mind research. A recognized leader in the fields of Leadership and Human Development, we provide customized, cutting-edge science-based strategies as well as personal, leadership & workforce development solutions tailored for all levels of "human systems" - individual, team, leadership, and organizational.


"To inspire others to break molds and develop the rituals necessary to find more balance

and become the very best versions of themselves."

Taking an Integrative NeuroSomatic® approach to human development

Decades of research from the fields of contemporary neuroscience and neurocardiology inform us that our individual and collective emotions, thoughts and beliefs directly shape the world we live in. We believe we can change the world by changing our emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Through the integration of cutting-edge research in neuroscience, modern physics, heart intelligence, body-mind and functional medicine as well as somatic sciences with innovations in personal, leadership and workforce development approaches, strategies and best-practices; we help individuals, teams and organizations transcend the "status quo", ushering in a new leadership paradigm that is creating a more "brain-friendly", high-performance workplace culture and most importantly - redefining what it means to be human in a changing world.

“When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from those who have never left home.”

~ Rumi

Meet our Founder | CEO

Paul E. McFadden, BBC, PCC, HMCT, FMCHC

Paul McFadden is a highly accomplished and sought-after executive & team coach, wellness practitioner, leadership development architect, resilience & performance expert, trusted advisor, facilitator, keynote, former IT executive

and veteran of the US Navy/Merchant Marine Reserves. He has been exemplifying leadership excellence for almost 30 years in the Private, Public and Philanthropic sectors to include organizations such as American Red Cross, the Government of the District of Columbia, and CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. He is also the Managing Director and CEO of Zero Point Leadership, Inc., a global, science-based

leadership and human development firm with foundations in neuroscience, mindfulness, resilience, quantum theory, peak performance and mind-body research.

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Scalable Science-Based Solutions

Human Optimization Coaching

Whether you're an individual seeking support in your personal transformation journey; a leader looking to break molds and create a legacy that inspire others; or a team/organization seeking a solution to recalibrate internal culture - partnering with a certified
human optimization coach, may be the answer for becoming the best

version of you...

Conscious-Based Learning

The greatest and most inspirational, impactful leaders have a few things in common. 1) They are crystal clear about their individual purpose as well as their personal/leadership vision; 2) They have established specific rituals which support and align with their purpose/vision and 3) They innately understand the complex interconnectedness of people as well as...

Speaking & Facilitation

Ignite your next strategic retreat, conference, symposium, or annual meeting with a subject matter panel expert or a tailored keynote/plenary presentation that will both inspire and move you!

Our seasoned facilitators panel have spoken or presented at dozens of international conferences, universities and corporate...

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