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Integrating Science & Ancient Wisdom to Evolve the Human Experience

Optimize Human Performance

Explore and integrate science-based strategies and practices for building Emotional & Mental Resilience, accessing more States of FLOW, achieving Body-Mind Optimization, and making
Wellness & Self-Care an absolute lifestyle priority


Upgrade Human Interactions

Explore and integrate science-based strategies and practices for cultivatingTrust, Inclusion & Psychological Safety, ignitingHigh-Performance in Teams, and achieving radical culture shifts throughAuthentic, Mindful & Compassionate Leadership.


Expand Human Consciousness

Explore and integrate science-based strategies and practices for discovering and aligning with Purpose & Personal Vision, improving Somatic & Nutritional Health, and creating practical rituals while on the journey towards becomingHuman 2.0!

True Change Begins Within

To perform at optimal levels in today's world, one has to be able to do their best thinking and many times, on demand. But, we all know that this is easier said than done. The environment in which we live/work unfortunately tends to be oversaturated with constant change; moving targets, lack of vision, little to no accountability, minimal resources, toxic cultures, interpersonal conflict, ineffective leadership and most importantly, the "human factor". The "human factor" is complex because while human beings are fundamentally, biologically and genetically similar, we all don't always cognitively perceive, emotionally express, nor physically respond to our experiences in the same exact way and manner as others who are having the same, yet different experience.

Fortunately, we now have decades of science-based research which indicates that our outdated approaches to leading ourselves and others is ineffective at best and destructive at its worse - so what is the solution?

Discover what the science does suggest and then challenge yourself to step out of the status quo by cultivating new behaviors, new ways of thinking and new ways to manage your emotional responses.

“It is our ultimate purpose to continually evolve as a species both physically and emotionally, as change is the mechanism for growth and development, and if we fear change we stunt our own growth and with it, human evolution.”

~ Kat Lahr, Anatomy Of Illumination

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Scalable Science-Based Solutions

Human Optimization Coaching

Whether you're an individual seeking support in your personal transformation journey; a leader looking to break molds and create a legacy that inspire others; or a team/organization seeking a solution to recalibrate internal culture - partnering with a certified
human optimization coach, may be the answer for becoming the best

version of you...

Conscious-Based Learning

The greatest and most inspirational, impactful leaders have a few things in common. 1) They are crystal clear about their individual purpose as well as their personal/leadership vision; 2) They have established specific rituals which support and align with their purpose/vision and 3) They innately understand the complex interconnectedness of people as well as...

Speaking & Facilitation

Ignite your next strategic retreat, conference, symposium, or annual meeting with a subject matter panel expert or a tailored keynote/plenary presentation that will both inspire and move you!

Our seasoned facilitators panel have spoken or presented at dozens of international conferences, universities and corporate...

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