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Founded in 2011 by Laurie Ellington and Paul E. McFadden, Zero Point Leadership, Inc. is a globally recognized science-based leadership learning and development organization with foundations in neuroscience, heart intelligence, social intelligence, quantum theory, systems thinking and mindfulness. A recognized leader in the fields of NeuroLeadership, Stress Resilience, and Integrative Wellness, we provide customized, cutting-edge science-based coaching, training & development programs tailored for the individual leader, teams and all levels of "human systems" within your entire workforce.

Why Science?

Decades of research from the fields of contemporary neuroscience and neurocardiology inform us that our individual and collective emotions, thoughts and beliefs directly shape the world we live in. We believe we can change the world by changing our emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Through the integration of cutting-edge research in neuroscience, modern physics, and heart intelligence with innovations in personal, leadership and workforce development approaches, strategies and best-practices; we help individuals, teams and organizations transcend the "status quo", ushering in a new leadership paradigm that is creating a more "brain-friendly", high-performance workplace culture and most importantly - redefining what it mean to be human in a changing world!

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The Hard Science behind the soft skills

To perform at your peak in today's world, you have to do your best thinking.  We bring the hard science that underlies high performance and teach you how to use it in today's workplace as well in personal interactions.  If you are interested in learning how to apply non-conventional tools that are based on the most leading-edge breakthroughs in human performance, you are in the right place!


We teach leaders and organizations how to maximize levels of engagement and increase motivation by creating a "brain-friendly" environment that fosters trust and is perceived as being safe and SECURE™.



We teach leaders and organizations how to build the capacity to be more flexible and create "bullet-proof" resilience, by learning to better ADAPT™ in the face of change, stress, and adversity.



We teach leaders and organizations how to accelerate growth, inspire collaboration and optimize performance with more frequent, high-quality conversations that treat others with CARE™ and EMBED new behaviors.

We teach leaders and organizations how to Rethink and reshape organizational culture by applying a MAP™ for Culture Transformation that promotes sustainable change at all levels in the workforce.




The collective awakening of a new leadership paradigm which embraces cutting edge breakthroughs in science as its foundation.

Our Unique Difference

We are unique in that we holistically  integrate breakthroughs from the fields of social cognitive & affective neuroscience, quantum physics, heart intelligence and mindfulness with innovations in personal, leadership and organizational learning & development.


To help every leader use science to inspire engagement, build resilience capacity, optimize performance, and accelerate change within themselves and others.

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