Tap Into Your Personal Leadership Potential!

At Zero Point Leadership™, we believe that a coaching framework which promotes challenging old ways of thinking and demands personal accountability as well as transparency is essential to a leader's commitment to invest in their personal and leadership growth.

Our executiveFOCUS™ Program is a one-on-one, executive coaching experience specifically designed to provide you - as the leader support in seeking clarity, establishing accountability, and strategically achieving their most important goals.  Your ICF Credentialed, certified executive coach will facilitate the process using a "brain-based" coaching approach to help support you with creating awareness, identifying impasses or barriers, generating insights, and co-creating strategies and actions to take the steps necessary to move you forward on the journey to reaching your desired goals.

This Executive Coaching Program Is For the...

  • C-Suite/Executive leader looking to ignite their competitive edge
  • Sr. level leader transitioning into a new role
  • New or emerging Mid-level leader taking on new supervisory responsibilities
  • High potential leader desirous of taking their career to the next level

Key Benefits

  • Optimize individual/team work team performance
  • Increase engagement in others
  • Help others communicate more effectively
  • Expand professional career opportunities
  • Improve business management strategies
  • Increase self-esteem/self confidence
  • Improve self and social awareness
  • Improve decision making and strategic problem solving
  • Better manage work/life balance

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Through a powerful results-driven approach, [my coach] helped me focus in on the steps I needed to take to be more productive, effective, and happy in both my professional and personal life.

- S.Q.
Director, Share Our Strength

In a very short period, I have experienced a surprising shift in the way I look at and approach everyday tasks, both on a professional and personal level."

- T.S.
Senior Analyst, Federal Agency