Redefine Organizational Culture!

A 'Brain-Friendly' MAP™ for Transforming Organizational Culture!

Zero Point Leadership offers customized brain-based leadership and workforce development programs for organizations who want to increase organizational engagement, optimize overall performance, strengthen internal relationships, and build workforce resilience.  If you are a future-oriented organization who is present in the moment, but conscious of how your choices today may influence the course of your future, our programs may be a good fit for you.

Why Workforce Development is Key to An Organizations' Success

Now that organizations are beginning to realize that "leadership" exists at all levels, and that they no longer afford to only focus on developing their "top level" or "high-potential" leaders alone, a new focus needs to be centered around developing the leadership capacities of the entire workforce. Workforce development programs are critical to supporting the organization in being more engaged, innovative, flexible, adaptive, and resilient.

We are your partner in Redefining Your Organizations Culture

Realigning culture requires a shift in values and belief systems that may be covertly preserving the status quo.  Because we know that every organization's culture is different, our goal is to collaboratively customize our workforce development initiatives in partnership with your organization in order to ensure that our program offering meets goals, objectives and needs specific to your workforce development strategy.


The following solutions are the core elements of the MAP™ for Transforming Organizational Culture:


Additional Leadership & Workforce Development Solutions

In addition to our core suite of solutions, below is just a small sample of the custom leadership, change management, and workforce development workshop solutions many of our clients have requested.  Our team will work in collaboration with you to ensure that our presentation or training program meets the specific goals, objectives and needs of your audience or organization.


  • The Science of Collaborating With and Influencing Others
  • The Neuroscience of Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • The Neuroscience of Creativity & Innovation
  • The Neurobiology of Habit Change
  • The Neuroscience of Applied Mindful Leadership
  • The Science of Breaking Unconscious Bias In The Workplace
  • Collaboration and Collective Intelligence: The Underlying Science of High Performing Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence 1.o: Personal Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0: Interpersonal Skills
  • Practical Strategies for Critical Thinking
  • Personal Impact: Leading through the ages
  • Future Proof Leadership: Creating a Secure Base


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What the Research Says

"Companies with a highly engaged workforce experience 89% greater customer satisfaction.”

- GALLUP, 2013
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"Companies with a highly engaged workforce experience a 19.2 percent growth in operating income over a 12-month period.”

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"Highly engaged employees are 87 percent less likely to leave the organization.”

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"Engaged companies grow profits as much as 3X's faster than their competitors.”

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