Using Hard Science to Solve Your Top Challenges


Maximize levels of engagement and increase motivation by creating a "brain-friendly" environment that fosters trust and is perceived as being safe and SECURE™.


Build the capacity to be more flexible and create "bullet-proof" resilience, by learning to better ADAPT™ in the face of change, stress, and adversity.


Inspire collaboration and accelerate growth with more high-quality conversations that treat others with CARE™ and EMBED new behaviors.


Rethink and reshape organizational culture by applying a MAP™ for Culture Transformation that promotes sustainable change at all levels in the workforce.

Government Agencies

Local, State and Federal

Health & Human Services

Hospital Systems, Heath Care Organizations, and
Human Services Agencies

C-Suite Executives & Minority Leaders

C-Suite Leaders, Seasoned Executives, Transitioning Executives, Minority & Women Leaders

Create States of Flow to Optimize Human Performance

Learn to Achieve Meditative States on Demand!

Science-Based Virtual Learning Programs

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