The Brain-Based Parenting TeleClass!

Join our growing community of parents, caregivers and service providers taking a deeper dive into the practical application of brain-based strategies to the development of healthy parent-child relationships.

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Mon, 25 Sep, 2017
8:00am PT / 11:00am ET

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What Does My Membership Include?

  • Live 60min Call (Monthly)
  • Research-based Content
  • Learn Practical Strategies
  • Group Discussion w/Coaching
  • Unique Dial-in/Private Pin
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Frequently Asked Questions!

How does the TeleClass work?
Every month you will have the opportunity to listen to a live 20-30 minute lesson on cutting edge discoveries in bran science that underlie healthy parent-child relationships. This will be followed by 25-30 min of open Q&A where you will have the opportunity to share insights and/or discuss strategies on how to practically apply the learning in a way that makes sense for you. These discussions will specifically focus on helping you gain new perspectives on improving your understanding of healthy caregiving so that you can create a more open, healthy, and loving relationship with your child that facilitates social and emotional development.

*Note: The calls will generally last for 60 minutes. However, there could be an occasion where the discussion or Q & A goes beyond the allotted 60 minutes.

Who is the TeleClass for?
This TeleClass is for:

  • Parents/Caregivers
  • Grandparents
  • Social Workers
  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • Teachers and Principals
  • Child and Family Serving Agency Leaders
  • Juvenile Probation Officers

Basically, if you interact with or provide care to children and have a desire to have those interactions be more healthy, productive and mutually rewarding - this call is for you!

Do I need any special equipment or technology?
No special equipment, web-based client installs or additional technology will be needed other than a phone (mobile, land-line, or VoIP).  Our conference center will provide a list of regional access numbers along with your personal/private PIN to give you seemless, worry-free access to the call.

You could be anywhere in the world and still participate in the call.

What topics will be discussed?
Some of  the topics we plan to cover in the TeleClass include:

  • Strategies for staying connected during conflict
  • How to help children think and listen vs. react
  • Understanding the impacts of trauma
  • Repairing ruptures in the caregiver-child relationship
  • Tools for building resiliency
  • Emotionally intelligent parenting
  • Understanding the adolescent brain

Additional topics may come up during our discussions, which could become a main topic of discussion at a future TeleClass.

What happens if I miss a call?
Every TeleClass call will be recorded and saved on our system for 60 days.  If you happen to miss a class, you will have access to listen to that recording once posted for 60 days - as long as you maintain your membership in good standing.
What is your cancellation policy?
After your initial 30-Day FREE Trial, you will be billed $9.97 automatically (unless you cancel prior) and then your subscription will auto-renew monthly on the same date afterwards.  As long as you maintain your monthly membership, you will have access to all Monthly calls and/or call recordings.

If at any time or for any reason, you decide to cancel your membership, your cancellation will go into affect at the next billing cycle.  That's it.  No long, drawn out processes.  You are free to cancel and/or re-enroll at any time.