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Create a SECURE™ Foundation for Team and Organizational Success!

Research in leadership and organizational change management informs us that our biggest challenge to moving past the status quo is engagement. A recent 2013 Gallup poll highlighted just how disengaged our workforce is. Alarmingly, 70% of American workers are not engaged.  Even more surprising, this statistic is much higher on the global level.

Engagement lies at the heart of commitment and is the foundation for successful change endeavors. Lack of engagement has a profound impact on an organization’s ability to innovate, be creative, and optimize performance. Disengagement is the primary reason change efforts fail and it costs us billions of dollars per year. Simply put, if we don’t learn how to master it, we will never perform at our peak and achieve the results we truly desire.

Bringing Neuroscience to Team & Workforce Engagement

An effective solution is to understand and apply the science that underlies engagement to better manage the social context of the workplace. Changing human behavior in the workplace requires changing the human brain. To change the human brain, it must be engaged. Our 21st century brains are wired and still operate the way our ancestors did. This has a significant impact on organizational culture and performance.


The Science of Engagement™ program helps leaders, teams and organizations understand how our brains work at their best. It draws on breakthroughs in modern neuroscience, providing new and practical insights into many important aspects of work, such as how to keep cool under pressure, why change is painful, and what helps us to learn. This program helps participants work with vs. against the physiology of the brain to improve communication, innovation, and collaboration within their organization.


Who this program is for...


What makes this program unique

check-mark2Includes cutting-edge findings in social cognitive neuroscience as they relate to measuring and increasing engagement.

check-mark2Encourages the application of engagement strategies in “real-play” workplace situations vs. role play or case study.

check-mark2Utilizes group coaching facilitated by an ICF certified coach to help embed and apply the learning in the workplace.

check-mark2Provides participants with a neurobiological understanding of what engagement is.

check-mark2Provides measurable outcomes with sustainable results - leading to greater ROI.

check-mark2Is effective for all levels within an organization.

Key Program Benefits

This program teaches leaders how to...


check-mark2Increase engagement on an individual, team, and organizational level

check-mark2Help others communicate more effectively

check-mark2Have more quality conversations in the workplace

check-mark2Improve complex decision making and problem solving

check-mark2Increase creativity and innovative thinking

check-mark2Improve collaborative teamwork

check-mark2Maximize collective intelligence

Program Delivery

Onsite Delivery

Delivered to your team as an in-person, (1) Day or (2) Half-Day Training Workshops, this program is followed-up with (2) bi-weekly, 90 min group coaching tele-sessions to promote accountability and support the implementation of specific strategies in the workplace.


Custom Virtual Delivery

Delivered via our online  NeuroLeader University™, this self-paced, virtual training and development program consists of (6) robust, interactive learning modules and (4) dedicated, bi-weekly virtual group coaching sessions facilitated by a team of our certified trainers and coaches.  Participants have access to complete the course content online at their own pace.  However, the program is designed and structured to be completed within a 60 day period in order to take full advantage of the virtual group coaching calls which promote the further embedding of the new learning.

Increase engagement to optimize team & organizational performance

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Did you know?

What Engagement Looks Like

quotesHighly engaged employees are 87 percent less likely to leave the organization.”

— Corporate Leadership Council, 2004
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quotesCompanies with a highly engaged workforce experience a 19.2 percent growth in operating income over a 12-month period.”

— MacLeod & Clarke, 2009
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quotesCompanies with a highly engaged workforce experience 89% greater customer satisfaction.”

— Gallup, 2013
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