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personal_rebootAt Zero Point Leadership™, we believe that a coaching framework which promotes challenging old ways of thinking, demands personal accountability as well as transparency is essential to an individual's commitment to invest in their personal growth.

Our personalReboot™ Coaching Program is a one-on-one coaching journey and partnership individually tailored to help develop personal or self-leadership and rewire your internal operating system - basically, change your thinking. Typically conducted over the telephone, our ICF Credentialed coaches use a "brain-based" coaching methodology designed to improve thinking skills and focus attention on the areas of your life you want to improve, leading to significant improvements in your overall performance and ability to achieve personal goals.

Personal Coaching is right for YOU, if you...

  • Are tired of putting your most important goals on the back-burner.
  • Have a burning desire to do big things in your life.
  • Are stuck in old patterns of thinking that are holding you back.
  • Feel like you need to restart your life.

 Key Benefits

  • Improved relationships & self-management
  • Increased confidence and belief in self
  • Increased social & emotional intelligence
  • Increased self and social awareness
  • Increased insight and creativity
  • Increased performance & achievement of personal goals

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In the nearly three months, I've worked with Paul, I have developed a new confidence and excitement in what I want for myself, and the steps necessary to make them happen. I look forward to future sessions and what the outcome will be."

- T.S.

quotesWith great talent, professionalism, humor and focus, Laurie helped me see opportunities and possibilities and find and hone skills I now use in both my personal and professional life to set tasks and meet goals. I am experiencing the benefits of rewiring my own brain!"

- G.S., MSW